Comparity Net

Comparity Training can provide training in creating and developing your static or dynamic web site. Together with our training partneres, we can help individual or corporate clients devlop skills in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL

We also are able to develop and deliver course material for training. For more information about course material for Web Development, see 101 Courseware.

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HTML, XHTML & HTML5 Training

HTML is language behind every Web Page. Every Web Site is a collection of Web Pages, all of which use the HTML language for their content and markup. Even pages generated using other scripting languages such as PHP are produced using HTML.

Comparity Training can help you learn the basic techniques of using HTML language to develop web pages, and help you develop the skills to understand and write good modern HTML to get the most out of yor web development and to help your users get the most out of thier browsing experience.

Training covers the basic techniques of using HTML language to develop web pages, and using CSS to define its styling and appearance. CSS is the standard language to define the appearance of content on the Web Page.

The HTML techniques covered include:

  • Basic Text Content
  • Images
  • Links
  • Lists & Tables
  • Forms
  • Using CSS

At all times, the student is encouraged to follow good design and writing principles, and the examples and exercises are clear and written in a way to facilitate further development.

Training includes comprehensive training material containing summary sections which explain key HTML concepts, and can be used later as a reference.

Course Outline

Download Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • HTTP & HTML
    • HTML Versions
    • XHTML
  • Getting Ready
    • The World Wide Web
  • Writing a Web Page
    • Outline
    • Naming Your File
    • Importing Text
    • HTML & Spacing
    • Horizontal Rules
    • Character Entities
    • Special Characters
    • Formatting Text
    • Comments
    • Finishing the Page
    • Our Website
  • Images
    • File Format
    • Scanning & Resolution
    • Location
    • Adding Images
    • Obtaining the Width & Height
    • Wrapping Text Around an Image (Part 1)
  • Anchors & Links
    • Creating Links
    • Linking to One of Your Pages
    • Linking Part of your Page (Fragments)
    • Linking to another Web Site
    • Linking to an Email Address
    • Graphic Links
    • title Attribute
  • Lists
    • Ordered & Unordered Lists
    • Definition Lists
    • Definition List Outline
  • Tables
    • Using Tables
    • The Table Structure
    • Using Tables for Layout
    • Other formats
    • Merging Cells
  • CSS Formatting
    • Background: the Bad Old Days
    • CSS Styles
    • Embedded Style Sheets
    • Writing a Style
    • Sizes
    • Colour
    • Fonts
    • Linked Style Sheets
    • Table Cells
    • Link (Anchor) Styles
    • Image Borders
    • Boxes
    • Paragraph Margins
    • Borders
    • Etc
  • Forms
    • Basic Form
    • Form Outline
    • Form Elements
    • Form Action
    • Form Method
    • Adding a Text Field
    • Text Areas
    • Labels
    • Submit & Reset Buttons
  • More Advanced CSS
    • CSS Classes
    • CSS & ids
    • Wrapping Text Around an Image (Part 2)
    • Using Spans
    • The Body
    • Labels
    • Menus and Lists
    • Check Boxes
    • Radio Buttons
    • Hidden Fields