Comparity Net

Comparity Net specialises in Training and Development for corporate and personal clients.

We also are able to develop and deliver course material for training. For more information about course material for Web Development, see 101 Courseware.

Contact us for more infomation about how we can help meet your training and development needs.

Comparity Net

Comparity Net is committed to providing flexible and comprehensive training and development solutions.

Corporate Benefits

Comparity Training has the training and experience to develop your business by giving your staff a thorough knowledge of the product, and enabling them to use the technology to help your business grow.

Personal Benefits

Comparity Training can improve your job effectiveness and career prospects by providing you with the computer skills necessary in the modern workplace.

We specialise in training:

  • Web Development
    • HTML & CSS
    • Scripting PHP & JavaScript
    • Database using MySQL and other SQL databases
    • DreamWeaver
  • Microsoft Office
    • Desktop Applications
    • Microsoft Access Database